Stock Gifts

If the securities are held by your bank or broker, we recommend an electronic transfer via the Depository Trust Company (DTC) system. Give your bank or broker the following instructions.

Charles Schwab & Company
DTC# 0164, Code 40
Patten and Patten, Inc.
For Credit to Account: Schwab  a/c 6121-7112
Account Name:  Erlanger Health System Foundations (Tax ID 58-1664027)
Attention:  Betsy Kramer
Phone:  423-424-4111
Fax: 423-267-0009

Also, please instruct your stockbroker or agent to notify Nicole Kennedy at Erlanger Health System Foundations of the date of the transfer and all details of the gift of securities to insure that your instructions are carried out in a timely manner. Failure to provide this additional information may cause a delay in recognizing you as a donor.

Nicole Kennedy
Executive Director of Operations
Erlanger Health System Foundations
975 E 3rd Street
Chattanooga, TN  37403