Orthopaedic Services

The Erlanger Orthopaedic Institute is a unique team of physicians, nurses, and therapists that handle nine different areas of clinical service. Whether an issue comes from a persistent problem over time or a traumatic injury, our team is prepared to provide world class, compassionate care to get you back to pursuing your life’s goals. Our team handles complicated spine surgery and is also able to help the weekend warriors in all of us get back to our favorite past times with our sports medicine program. Our experts help remove the barriers that arise through various injuries and disorders to help open the opportunity for our community to pursue work, play and life without the physical limitations associated with joint pain and other challenges. As a not-for-profit hospital, Erlanger and the Orthopaedic Institute depend on philanthropic support to continue our life-changing work to keep our community healthy and active. Your gift will help our team push this work forward.

Your gift will:

  • Fund the best and most innovative equipment

  • Enhance facilities specifically designed for supporting the needs of orthopaedic patients

  • Expand and grow programs and patient care support teams

  • Help teach and train the next generation of orthopaedic experts

Give a gift today to help our team continue to keep Chattanooga and the surrounding region moving.