About the Erlanger Foundation

The Erlanger Health System Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, is the fundraising arm of Erlanger Health System. Your gift helps Erlanger continue its mission to “compassionately care for people.” As our region’s essential hospital, Erlanger provides accessible, high-quality care for all, including the most vulnerable.  As our region’s academic, tertiary hospital, we offer a range of medical specialties and care innovations unmatched in this area. But we can’t do it alone. Be a part of this mission so critically important to the quality of life and health of our shared community. Give now.

While Erlanger offers many premier services that financially support its charitable mission, the fiscal challenges for health systems that serve as critical safety net hospitals with the responsibility of treating all people of various socioeconomic backgrounds are real and daunting. It is clear that philanthropy must assume a greater role for Erlanger Health System to achieve its potential and beyond in fulfilling its important mission. Through the Foundations' efforts, we hope to enlist the interest and support of more donors than ever before and to forge a new level of partnership with those who recognize the critical need for investing in one of our community’s most vital resources.

Erlanger Health System Foundations Board of Directors

The Foundations is governed by the Erlanger Health System Foundations Board of Directors which is comprised entirely of volunteers. Led by Lynda Minks Hood (Chair), Lynn Mosier Bryant (Vice Chair), the Board of Directors serves to build community awareness and raise funds for the Foundations’ fundraising initiatives.

History of the Foundation

2018 - The E.A.C.H. Council amended and approved Bylaws updating their name to “Erlanger Health System Foundations Board of Directors” and restructuring the Council to be one that is structured like a standard foundation Board.

2015 - Erlanger Health System Foundations launched the Believe Campaign to build a New Children’s Hospital on Erlanger’s campus adopting a $28.5 million goal to build the first phase, the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center, creatively designed to embrace a child’s imagination.

2015 - The E.A.C.H. Council was created from consolidating The Baroness Erlanger Foundation Council and The T. C. Thompson Children’s Hospital Foundation Council to serve as the sole development council for Erlanger Health System Foundations.

2010 - Erlanger Health System Foundations was created from the consolidation of The Baroness Erlanger Foundation and the T. C. Thompson Children’s Hospital Foundation to enhance the fundraising efforts to raise funds to support new programs, technological advancement and capital improvements across Erlanger’s Health System.

1985 - The T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital Foundation was founded to cultivate philanthropic partnerships interested in giving to meet the unique needs of children and families within our communities.

1981 - The Baroness Erlanger Foundation was chartered to help advance medical excellence in our region through investments in technology, clinical programs, medical education, research and facilities focusing on fundraising efforts primarily directed to benefit adult patients and to collaborate with Erlanger’s academic partners.