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The Impact of Giving

PRIORITY Projects funded in the last decade

Emily Ransom CT Ranch

This 64-slice scanner will allow the staff at Children's Hospital to diagnose critically ill and injured children more quickly and accurately. The scanner produces higher resolution images with a much lower dose of radiation, making it safer for children. The CT scan area is plafully western-themed to help make kids more relaxed during their CT scan experience. The project totaled close to $1 million.
To learn more about the naming of the Emily Ransom CT Ranch, click here>>

BiPlaneWalter Puckett Digital BiPlane Imaging Suite

This state-of-the art equipment enables a new level of interventional heart care for both children and adults. Specialists use this technology to diagnose and treat complex congenital heart disease in babies and children and a range of heart problems in adults. The Biplane Cath Lab enables doctors to view two separate planes of the heart at the same time. Two sets of images can be taken at the same time using two sets of X-ray sources and imaging cameras that move independently. This provides cardiologists with a much clearer and more precise image of the heart, making more advanced heart procedures possible. The Biplane Cath Lab also benefits the patient because the amount of total fluoroscopic (X-ray) exposure is lower.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Beds

Community gifts play a key role in buying state-of-the-art beds for the NICU. These beds allow caregivers to control light, warmth and humidity and to reduce noise to nurture growth and development. The beds also feature in-bed scales to weigh the babies—since weight is a key indicator of whether a baby is thriving--without interrupting care or warmth or unnecessarily moving a newborn’s fragile, tiny body. Each bed costs $39,156.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

In 2008, the PICU went on divert (meaning they had to send children elsewhere) for 1,378 hours- more than a ten-fold increase from 2005. The Foundation helped rasie funds to meet the needs of the community to expand the PICU from eight beds to fourteen beds, including additional private rooms for families to stay with their children while they are being treated.

Pediatric Surgery Services

Children's team of board certified pediatric surgeons represents a wide range of specilaities and serves more than 6,400 children each year. The Foundation helped fund an expansion and reconfiguration of surgical areas to allow Children's Hospital at Erlanger to care for an additional 2,920 children each year that would otherwise have been turned away.