Become an Online Fundraiser


Create A personal Web page for any occasion

Miracle Pages allows individuals to create a personalized fundraising web page to share with friends and family to collect donations and help raise funds for your community fundraiser. Upload photos, share progress, collect donations, receive messages of support and encouragement, and more!

Choose Your Foundation/ Event

Create a Children's Hospital Foundation Fundraising Page            
Create a Baroness Erlanger Foundation Fundraising Page

Fundraising Ideas to consider:

  • Family-based activities, such as family celebrations and personal milestones (ex., Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and birthdays)
  • Pre-existing events that you are participating in (ex., triathlons, marathons, motocylcle rides, kayaking races, etc,)
  • Remembering a loved one with a special Web page or starting a simple Fundraising Competition.