About Us

The Baroness Erlanger Foundation 

The Baroness Erlanger Foundation advances medical excellence in our region through investments in technology, clinical programs, medical education, research and facilities. The ultimate objective of our efforts is to improve clinical quality, expand access to care, drive medical innovation, enhance service and create a healing environment. The foundation's efforts are almost exclusively directed at enhancing initiatives to benefit adult patients. The foundation collaborates with Erlanger Health System and its academic partners. The foundation was created in 1992.

Through the support of community partners, Baroness Erlanger Foundation:

  • Funded a new, digital, biplane cardiac catheterization lab to enhance heart care for children and adults. Biplane laboratories achieve two separate planes of view with the same injection and thus save time and limit contrast dye, limiting kidney damage in susceptible patients.
  • Collaborates with a local family to create an annual educational lecture series on incorporating humanitarian values in medicine.
  • Enables the purchase of new radiation technologies including the VARIAN Varisource 200 HDR Brachytherapy. Brachytherapy involves the precise placement of short-range radiation source directly at the site of the cancerous tumor, unlike other radiation therapies that require deconstruction or treatment outside of the body.
  • Supports the Pastoral Care Pilot Initiative Program which includes two full-time chaplains who are working in three key areas- clinical care, education and spiritually support in healthcare.

Children's Hospital Foundation 

Children's Hospital Foundation cultivates philanthropic partnerships to foster medical excellence to meet the unique needs of children and families within our communities. Our vision is to ensure superior technology and clinical services to provide advanced medical care specifically for children, to attract the highest caliber pediatric medical professionals and to give families the confidence to make Children's Hospital their first choice in pediatric care. The support of our donor family makes a tremendous impact on our healing work.

Through the support of community partners, Children's Hospital Foundation:

  • Supports programs that enhance family-centered care and that create a kid-friendly environment including Child Life, playrooms, art & music therapy and other key programs to make Children's Hospital a supportive environment for kids and their parents.
  • Advances a variety of community health, prevention and safety programs including car seat clinics, bike safety programs, health fairs, The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile and other outreach and educational efforts.
  • Champions quality and enhances patient safety through efforts such as quality and safety benchmarking and educational programs and capital acquisitions to implement best practices such as replacing every IV infusion pump in Children's Hospital with "smart pumps" that help eliminate dosage errors for IV medications to children.
  • Expands and enhances the healing environment and key technology in clinical areas such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and General Pediatric Clinic.
  • Enables the purchase of new technology in an environment uniquely designed for kids, such as the creation of the new Emily Ransom CT Ranch which provides high quality, low radiation radiology scans for kids in an area decorated to look like a Western Ranch to reduce the anxiety of young patients.

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